07 June, 2012

Transit of Venus photos

Nikon D3100 at 200mm, f5.6, half second exposure & shot through a solar filter. Venus is clearly visible near the bottom edge of the sun, in the centre.

Nikon D3100 at 200mm, f36 and no filter! Shot using the "live view" screen in order to avoid looking directly at the sun. Venus is just visible at the edge of the cloud.

13 December, 2011


Another batch of Zealandia photos --- I've been making an effort to get better use from my annual pass there. I have a soft spot fro the Wellington jeweled geckos; at least I think that's what they are called. They were all out in the sun this time, and finally, I saw one eat a fly. They are very fast when they want to be!




I think this little chap is a scaup. He was certainly good diver.
Saddlebacks are hard to photograph --- they won't stay still.
But they are easier the hihi who move about even more and flash about in the dappled shade. We watched a small group of four or five at the feeder station, then a whole tribe of new hihi turned up. Dozens of them were squawking and chittering away, leaping all over the place.




Just after this photo, the saddleback found a fat juicy grub under the bark of this tree.

A baby tuatara in the enclosure sponsored by Tuatara beer.

Tararua Peaks Photos

We avoided the Rugby World Cup final by heading for the hills and making a round trip from Otaki forks, over the Tararua peaks and along to Junction knob then down via Waitewaiwai hut. Three days of pretty nice weather as these things go, but no views from the main range.

The gpx file is here here.












Back in Xining

At the Xining museum.

And in the market...


Temples and such on the hill behind Xining.









Lhasa to Xining

Back on the train from Lhasa to Xining.


And in Xining, at night.