13 December, 2011


Another batch of Zealandia photos --- I've been making an effort to get better use from my annual pass there. I have a soft spot fro the Wellington jeweled geckos; at least I think that's what they are called. They were all out in the sun this time, and finally, I saw one eat a fly. They are very fast when they want to be!




I think this little chap is a scaup. He was certainly good diver.
Saddlebacks are hard to photograph --- they won't stay still.
But they are easier the hihi who move about even more and flash about in the dappled shade. We watched a small group of four or five at the feeder station, then a whole tribe of new hihi turned up. Dozens of them were squawking and chittering away, leaping all over the place.




Just after this photo, the saddleback found a fat juicy grub under the bark of this tree.

A baby tuatara in the enclosure sponsored by Tuatara beer.


  1. Nice and bright pics of geckoes and tuataras... you definitely got a beautiful light!

  2. Beautiful picture of the Saddleback!

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