07 July, 2008

Moving House

It was a bit chilly on Saturday when we helped Lorraine move into her new house in Martinborough from my place in P.N. The hail started about 7AM and it just kept coming back again and again. Not just little lumps either, but big things the size of a bean (choose what sort of bean you want to think of) which stung when they hit you and which lay three or four cm deep on the ground. In between the worst of the squalls we filled the 10 cubic metres in the back of the moving truck we'd hired.

The hail kept up over the Paihiatua track too making a racket on the roof of the truck. Then, once we got into the Wairarapa, it stopped and the sun came out. (The photos from the road are by Aurelie --- just to reassure you that I wasn't shooting from the wheel.)

We picked up N from Masterton train station and collected another lot of furniture, a full ute load of it, from a storage place before heading south to Martinborough (with just a quick pause for bread and pastry shopping at
The French Baker in Greytown).

The weather held for the drive to Martinborough and as we unloaded the furniture (after a quick lunch by the fire). Then N and Aurelie made a visit to Schoc Chocolates while Lorraine and I collected another truck load of boxes which had been in storage nearby.

It was dark by the time we had all finished unloading, darker than it was when we had started moving things in the morning, but the new house was warm from the fire and already starting to look a bit like a home with the furniture in it, even if there were something like a hundred boxes still to unpack. Back in P.N. there was still ice on the ground from the morning's hail.

A couple more photos from the day:
08-07 Moving House