27 June, 2010

Nico's Birthday at Pourerere

Nico wanted to go to a bach on a beach somewhere out of the way for his birthday. Pourerere beach did the job well. The number of baches and caravans there suggest that the place is quite busy in summer but we were about the only people there that weekend.

The beach is sheltered from the Pacific ocean by a large mudstone reef. I don't really understand why the reef hasn't been washed away yet. The rock was soft enough that it turned to mud under our feet. More like clay then rock really. Yet the reef goes out a hundred meters or more into the ocean.

More photos at Picasa:

10-06 Nico Pourerere


  1. I don't know if its due to the beard, but Nico appears to have fatten up a bit from his facial expression... is he getting ready to be a dad???

  2. Now that they've moved to Otaki there isn't much else for Aurelie and Nico to do. I expect them to say next week that they have a puppy and a kitten, and a few months later, a baby.