15 August, 2010

Putting things in boxes

I'm sick as a dog today, with some nasty fluey/cold thing that came on super fast. (Erich will hoping that it slows me down for the race next Saturday but he won't be so lucky!) One consequence of this bug is a lot of sitting around at home, hence these two posts in quick succession. Another consequence is more packing.

N. and I bought a little apartment the other month and so I've been spending my spare (and occasionally un-spare) time putting things in boxes. (N. would have been boxing things too, but she's in Japan.)

Lots of Boxes! (And evidence, in case you ever needed it, that the cameras in phones are pretty crappy.)

The moving date is just under three weeks away but, other than taking a couple of days off work, I don't think it would have been possible to get everything done in time without starting as early as I did. Though I do admit that I shouldn't have packed all the tin openers over a month before moving --- I had a bit of trouble when it came time to get the beans and tomatoes out of their tins for my re-fried bean the other night.

The apartment we're moving to is quite a bit smaller than out current place, but quite a bit nicer too --- at least we think so. I don't have any of my own photos of the place but I've snaffeled the low-res. ones that the Real Estate Agent used for the advertising on her webpage (don't tell), with all the lovely furniture from the current/previous owners.

(you can click on the wizz-bang slide-show to go through to the Picasa album.)


  1. Wow you guys are becoming posh wellingtonians. FYI, as Graham can attest it is very possible to open tin cans with an ice tool. So if you pack away your can openers you have a good excuse to get some new ice tools.

  2. I used a pockets knife to open the tins in the end. I haven't seen my ice axe for a bit. I know I haven't packed it yet. You never know when you are going to need an ice axe --- unlike can-openers.