14 October, 2010

New Zealand's famous bigot

Sitting in the airport in Hong Kong and Paul Henry's in the South
China Morning Post. Great what one small-minded bigoted jerk can do
for New Zealand's international reputation. It also made me think
about how tenuous our reputation is in other areas; the clean green
myth which we rely on for our tourism billions for example. One
incident which gets the attention of the international media is enough
to change a lot of minds.


  1. Dion! How's it going - Back in NZ I see :-) I would like to catch up with you if you're visiting PN or if we head down to Wellington. Operator.

  2. Dear Operator,

    Please how can I send e-mail for 100 people and more at same time? I will see you Friday.

  3. Cool - Let me know where / when :-)