08 May, 2011

A Weekend in Sydney

A few pictures from a weekend in Sydney with N. We took the train out to Katoomba --- I highly recommend doing so. The ride takes a couple of hours (perhaps a little longer) but the ticket is only $10 or so. Katoomba is very pretty, even if you don't make it as far as the main attraction: The Three Sisters, a lookout over some rocky spires and the Blue Mountains.


  1. Ah, eventually some news... I though you guys had some health issues... ;o)

    Nice photos! You should have brought a rope, Katoomba is supposed to be great for adventurous climbing!

  2. I got a bit behind for a while there. I'm only four or five months out of date now. I like to keep if less than half a year.

    We only spent an hour or so at the lookout at Katoomba. We hadn't realised how long the train ride was or how pretty it was, otherwise we would have tried to stay longer.