20 September, 2011

A successful day!

We'd only been able to get train tickets as far as Xian, and it seemed
like we would have to give up on our plan to go to Tibet since no one
seemed to know how to get the necessary travel permits, and everyone
said there were no train tickets available. Then we found Michael Wang
at the travel desk in the Beijing Dreams Travel Hostel. This is a
total plug for him; he phoned around various people in various cities
to find train tickets, suggested various plans that would have us
traveling to Tibet via different routes and generally was helpful and
showed initiative. And he was friendly. Drop in and see him if you're
in Beijing and need something arranged. Or send him an email
(bj-tour@hotmail.com) if you want something done from outside the
country. So, we now have in our possession, train tickets from Xian to
Xining to Lhasa!
The photos: lunch after sorting out tickets, at a rooftop terrace.
Then we walked a whole hundred meters or so and had tea at a place on
the edge of Qianhai lake. Walking around the lake afterwards, N was
asulted by an old Chinese womN who sat her down on a stool, beat her,
and then demanded 50 Yuan after claiming that the incident wasn't
asulted, but rather a full body massage...

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