28 April, 2008

NZAC photography course

This post is a couple of weeks out of date, but then again, most thing here have been recently. These are a few pictures from the photography course run by Marty Blumen and the
NZ Alpine Club at Mt Ruapehu. Around half a dozen of us walked from the Whakapapa carpark up to the NZAC Ruapehu hut, shooting on the way. The next morning we were up around five for more of the same. I was pretty happy with how a couple of my pictures turned out, especially the ones with trails from the head torches of people heading up the mountain. They may be a little gimicky but I like them none-the-less. Oh, and be warned --- I messed up matching the hyperlinks for the photos with their images in Picasa. If you click a photo you'll probly end up at a different photo in the Picasa album. There are only a few there so it should take long to find the one you were really after though. Sorry.

Here's the link to the Picasa album with the photos.

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