28 April, 2008

Trial run, the second

Well, back in 2006 sometime, I set up a blog here when I was in China. Then I found that limited access to goggle websites from within China made it difficult to post things to Blogspot so I started a LiveJournal blog instead. I've been pretty happy with the LiveJournal hosting for the past couple of years, but of late, as I've put more effort into taking photos, I've become annoyed by the quality of the photos once LiveJournal displays them. Now, one solution would be to invest some time and effort into getting LiveJournal to work how I want it to. The other option, the one I will try first, is this: a return to Blogspot perhaps in combination with Picasa web albums. I'll see how it goes. If things work better here then new posts from frontlawn.livejournal.com will be here exclusively. In the mean time, any opinions on the matter would be appreciated.

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