18 September, 2008

Angkor Wat

I've been getting behind with posts here again. My excuse this time: I took over 2000 photos while I was in VietNam and Cambodia and it's taken me until now to sort some of them out. Some might say that there is a message in that and maybe there is but it seems to take several shots before I get a passable one. Anyway, Tamsin and I flew to Cambodia in early August, on our way to a wedding in VietNam. I slept more than I ever have before on the plane(s) over --- something to do with having a cold. I also used a record number of tissues and experienced record ear pain during the descent and landing. Enough of that. Cambodia was an interesting place. We only had a couple of days there but that was enough to get a total overload of the temples at Angkor Wat and Bayon.

Cambodia managed to be both busy and laid back; crowed markets with no one doing anything, cyclo drivers touting at every tourist they see but once they have delivered you to one destination they will sleep for the rest of the day while they wait to take you home rather than take any other rides. Ho Chi Min City on the other hand was busy all round. We spent about four hours there, met up with Chris and Gary and caught the night train up to Quy Nhon.

Here are a couple more photos from Cambodia and HCMC. More from the rest of the trip will follow in (un)due time.