24 October, 2008

Bicycles Locked to Poles

Just received this excellent photo from Kiwi Jen, who is traveling about Middle America at the moment.

It manages to capture the feel of the photos by John Glassie from his excellent book "Bicycles Locked to Poles", but with a more human touch.

The book by Glassie with it's somber photos from the NY city streets, is must for every coffee table, eliciting reviews such as
"Bicycles Locked to Poles is a rare treasury for anyone interested in bikes, poles, locks, or the forgotten artifacts of the urban landscape."

And once you've bought the book and it's piqued your interest in the whole bicycle/pole thing you can check out the even more somber ghost bike project; ghostly tributes to cyclists killed on the roads. Maybe if more of these cyclo-centric versions of the roadside white-cross were to be put up it would raise (driver) awareness of cyclists and perhaps encourage safer roads.

On a more positive note, it seems DKNY were out placing fluro-orange bicycles locked to poles about NY city in an attempt to promote cycling in the city (and presumably their own brand at the same time). I quite like the idea but I guess I can see that things could get a little messy, encouraging the police to remove the bikes. The story does sound a little bit like a good idea which was spoiled by bad communication.