02 October, 2008

Wellington on a Good Day

After the beautiful waterfront weekend weather in Wellington I was thinking that I must say something here about how Wellington on a good day is an unbeatable city. Eye of the Fish wanted to express the same sentiment too
With the help of Lorraine, Nicolas and Aurelie, N. and I moved to a new apartment last weekend. Things went faster than I had expected --- on account of the excellent help. This left plenty of time for walking around the waterfront on Sunday afternoon, enjoying the summer weather and the excellent public spaces down by the harbour.

Cuba street too, had it's share of sun seekers.

Also very enjoyable was the newly opened OurSpace at Te Papa where we sought out photos from Dan, Arne and Estelle.

Excellent, also, is arriving back to your new apartment to find it warm and filled with sunlight. It's ture; you can't beat Wellington on a good day.

08-08 Walter St & Wellington