30 October, 2009

The rest of Arapiles

I've forced myself to find some time in my busy schedule (busy packing for my trip back to Arapiles tomorrow morning!) to post a couple more pictures from climbing at Arapiles last weekend. Actually, most of photos were rubbish (I was too busy climbing) so I'll post some topos and route descriptions from the guide book and a couple of Chris's photos too to spice things up.

The first long climb we did was The Shroud, a 118 m four pitch grade 10 on the Pharos wall. N led her first full pitch of trad while I took photos of lizards (well, mostly I belayed). I led the remaining three.

The rappel from the top of The shroud was a nice long 47m.

My second long climb was Siren, a little further around on The Pinnacle Face which Chris, N and I climbed.

N led the first and fourth pitches, I led the second and Chris, the rest. It must have been well over 30 degrees in the sun and we climbed right through midday. My ankles got burnt in a strip between where my regular shoes and my climbing shoes come to.

On the day we left, N and I managed to squeeze in another long climb (with Chris again), Arachnus, a 105m grade 9 on the Watchtower Face.

Well, I'd better get back to my packing.

09-10 Araps_Chris

09-10 Araps1

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