03 November, 2009

Cup Day Quietness

Melbourne is nice and quite out near my work at the moment. Classes at the university finished last week, and today is Melbourne Cup Day, so most people in Victoria get a holiday. Cycling home yesterday evening there were so few cars since people mostly take the Monday off work and use Cup Day to make a four day weekend I got home in 25 minutes (instead of the usual 30) on account of not having to mess about with cars at lights (and the timing for the lights was just right). This morning I got to work in 28 minutes. Mostly because there were no cars about again. In fact there were so few cars that my ride took longer than it might have since the pressure sensors at the traffic lights didn't seem to notice me so a couple of times I had to wait a few minutes before a car pulled up behind me in order for the lights to change. I guess if I headed towards the city or Flemmington, where the races are, I'd find things different.

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