08 March, 2010

Healesville Sanctuary

I'll back-date this post (and the next one) since I'm a month and a bit late in putting these pictures up. They're from Healesville Sanctuary, an excellent zoo of Australian wildlife about one hour's drive from central Melbourne.

The reptile house was great, as was the birds of prey display. In fact, I liked the whole place and Simon and I spent most of a day there without noticing the time pass.

The town of Healesville itself looked like a nice place for a day trip but turned out to be a bit of a disappointment when it came time to try and get some lunch. The first place we went to said their kitch closed for lunch at 1pm. The next place acted like it was a big deal for them to find us a table to eat at. (They didn't look that busy). We ended up at a place called Cheese Freakz (never a good indication) who served dull burgers and seemed to have nothing on the menu involving cheese. The animals more than made up for the crappy food though.

10-03 Healesville Sanctuary

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