02 March, 2010

"Numbers expected to be up in annual bike count"

It's national bicycle counting day in Australia this article says: "Numbers expected to be up in annual bike count". It's also the first day since being here when I've taken the tram to work instead of cycling.

While I missed out on potentially being recorded as one of the many cyclists in Melbourne, I have some statistics of my own. Since moving to Fitzroy in early September I've cycled 2599.39km to and from work, taking a total of 102.95 hours for an average speed of 25.25km/hr (door-to-door). My average journey time is about the same as what people tell me it takes them to drive --- a bit over 30mins, my tram ride today took about an hour.

1 comment:

  1. In Fribourg, which isn't a busy city, it takes me to work (door-to-door):
    - 15mins by car
    - 15-20mins by bike
    - 45mins by bus...
    Somehow, I don't use muchthe public transports...