11 April, 2010


A couple of photos from a day walk up Kapakapanui with The French. Kapakapanui peak is in the western Tararuas, just behind Waikanae --- a perfect day walk. The top of the ridge there is at a height that would normally be covered in forest, but a fire early last century has left the area with just alpine tussock and a bit of scrub. The day we were there we had perfect views. Mts Taranaki and Ruapehu were clear in the north and in the south we could see the Kaikoura mountains and the peaks of Kahurangi National Park, amongst other things....

More pictures here:



  1. Man, Nicolas looks good on the last photo... and Dion, you look very "bright"! :D

  2. And very skinny... Does Nicola feed you enough at home???

  3. You think I look skinny there? Nicola has been in Germany for the last month --- I must look worse now.
    I guess I haven't been keeping up my "French training" of nachos.