11 May, 2010


The things one has to do for a silly hat these days!

I had a great day!

For a limited, but indeterminate, time the full set of photos from the day are available here to look at, or, if you want to download all of them in one go, you can get the zipped file here (391MB!)


  1. Congrats, Dion! And it's good to see some news on your blog, it has been a while! ;o)

  2. Thanks.

    I'm still a couple of months behind with things I have to post here. But I'll get there. It look me two months to go through the thousands of blury photos from Stewart island is the problem ;)

  3. Its too bad you didn't have that hat for stewart island - it looks like a good bush hat.

  4. It would have been great in the bush. Good fit, warm, enough brim to keep the rain off my face.