13 December, 2011

Still on the train to Lhasa

The altitude change caused my pre-packed novelty breads to puff up in their plastic packages with the pressure change.



Yak yak yak yak yak






There were several rock arches like this along the ridge.

More yaks, at around 5000 masl



Enthusiastic photographers

Such pretty yaks.

Another! I like yaks.

Ah, so many yaks.


Old and new.


No idea what this guy was thinking. I don't think he'd brought a fancy radio for his girlfriend so I don't know who he was going to talk to.

In Lhasa, outside our hotel, next to the Jokang temple

No idea who the tibetan woman is. When I was taking a photo of Nicola, she just popped up and wanted to be part of it.


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