07 May, 2008

Lynn Hill Bouldering

I spent Sunday bouldering at Lynn Hill near Dannevirke, about 50 minutes drive from P.N. The place is in a farm owned by a woman called Lynn Hill who shares her name with the well known American rock-climber, one of the top climbers in the world. Since the boulders are on a hill too, the name Lynn Hill has been adopted for the bouldering area too --- at least amongst the people I know who've been there.

Romaric had been at the hill the day before when the weather was colder and he was feeling sick so he didn't really want to come along. He eventually joined us but just to take some photos with his new camera. Despite this, it was my camera he went off with for most of the time, and hence most of the photos
here are ones he took with it. There's a LOT of climbing at Lynn Hill, including plenty of things that haven't been done yet. Romaric and I cleaned off a new boulder and I can now claim a first ascent of something --- a VM/V0-ish problem (it might get easier after some of the remaining dirt gets washed out of a few holds).