20 May, 2008

Made in China?

I sent the letter below after getting a nasty surprise this weekend when I went to buy a pair of pants from Cactus climbing. It looks like another NZ clothing producer has made a rapid yet silent switch from being a promoter of "Buy NZ Made" and espouser of the virtues of local production to the owner of a Chinese clothing factory with its very own coal-fired power station and troupe of low-paid slave-labourers willing participants in the free market dollar grab that is international clothing production. I guess it's clear I feel quite strongly about this. I'll keep you posted about any replies I get.


I'm the satisfied owner of several items from Cactus and love the quality and design of them. This weekend I was about to buy a pair of Cactus trousers for alpine travel but before reaching the checkout I noticed a new feature of cactus products: a MADE IN CHINA label. Was I dreaming or have I really lost access to one of the few locally produced sources of clothing and equipment that exist in this country? Please tell me that cactus haven't moved production to China in a chase for dollars. If they have, then have certainly lost any dollars that I, my friends or family might spend. I feel strongly about this issue and advertise this fact widely and loudly.