20 June, 2008

I love it!

I liked this too much to not post it here.

the alternate ending: T-Rex says "God? Is it possible for you to use grammar SO POORLY that even you can't understand what you were trying to say?" and God says "UM HELLO" and then he says "YOU'RE THE DUDE WITH THE BAD APOSTROPHES"

Also, Firefox3 has arrived. It's nice. You should get it. Even if it still hasn't managed to use the environment variables of an OS for looking up whether it should use a proxy or not. It means I still have to switch a proxy on or off as I move between work and home. Sure, there are plugins which make this as simple as clicking a button but Safari and Konquerer (depending what OS you use) manage to switch with no button clicking at all. Even though they are otherwise inferior browers. Maybe we'll see this feature in FF4 then, maybe.