26 June, 2008

Sheldon Brown Dies (a month or two back)

Sheldon Brown died 20th of February this year of a massive heart attack. He'd been suffering from primary-progresive M.S. for a few years. Sheldon Brown was one of the faces of Harris Cyclery in Boston --- a local (i.e. not a chain/franchise) bike store with a big web presence due to the huge amounts of comprehensive and useful information on all aspects of cycling on their and Sheldon's website. I realised pretty soon after I started fixing up bikes that if I couldn't find the information I wanted from Sheldon's pages then I was looking for the wrong thing. The articles by Sheldon and others covered things ranging from what one should know, what one could know (assuming you were interested in that sort of thing --- I was), right through to stuff that was really unknown and should have stayed that way. Despite the eagle the information from Sheldon carried a credibility that comes from someone writing about things they know inside-out and repairs that had been performed many times over.