16 July, 2009

Deliveries: of thesis and families

Finally, on Thursday, (and just within the four year deadline), my thesis was done.

Which is to say, four copies have been printed, bound and delivered to the Graduate Research School.

Three copies will be sent to my examiners, (the fourth copy will be used for magical rites, or left sitting about in a dark room for no particular purpose, or something), and in a few month's time I should have my exam. And then, all going well, I'll be done.

In addition to my submission, there was an additional reason to celebrate on Thursday night: Karin and David are parents (as of Bastille day). That's two more than the necessary number of reasons for going to the Celtic.

And Travis and Graham are back from climbing French Direct on Alpamayo --- one of the nicest looking mountains there is. No doubt, Travis will soon have some photos of the trip on his swanky re-jigged site.

Since Marco asked for it, a PDF copy of my thesis can be downloaded here.

09-07 Thesis Submission

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