07 July, 2009

Mitre Flats hut

I'm really in the final stages of writing at the moment. So, the weekend before last, (or thereabouts), I took some time off to get some distance from a particularly troublesome paragraph. (I'd re-written it five times by that point, yet it didn't seem to be getting any clearer.) Steve and I walked to Mitre Flats hut in the north-eastern Tararuas. Good weather on Saturday, but a bad forecast for Sunday meant we only shared the hut with two other people. The walk out was a bit wet but the track was still pleasant. It took about 3-3.5 hrs each way going about as fast as the slippery roots and mud allowed for. The route is mostly level, traversing along above the Waingawa river, though the start of the track is a bit dull where is crosses farmland to get to the egde of the forest park.

The weather didn't really encourage photos. A couple are here:

09-06 Mitre Flats Hut

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