13 November, 2009


Friday; the first day this week I've been able to walk properly. I did a short cross-fit workout last Sunday, and didn't think much of it at the time, but those 20 minutes of exercise were enough to leave me with aching legs four days later --- bad enough that I was limping about and clutching the hand rail on the stairs like and old me. The workout that did all the damage?

Five reps of:
100 squats (body weight only)
35 lunges
20 pushups

On a totally unrelated topic, go and vote for my photo on the Petzl win your weight in gear competition. I have 14 days starting from yesterday to get as many votes as possible. To vote you just click on the stars next to the image (preferably on the 5th star to indicate your high opinion of my photo). If you've got a nice photo or video that is something to do with light, you might want to think about entering too. Anyone's body weight equals a lot of Petzl gear!


  1. I'll only vote if you promise me a pair of Nomics!

    Oh and you'd better start fattening up in case you win. No more crossfit.

  2. If I win you can have two pairs even. It's silly how much gear it takes to make 70kg. Especially since most gear is made to be light. They should have made some condition like you get as much gear as you can climb a route with. That would get rid of all the canyoners and cavers who only go down things!

    My weight doesn't seem to change whether I exercise or just eat nachos --- I just get weaker not heavier. Romeric, however, has been nacho training for this for months.

  3. Maybe if you combined the Romaric Nacho Training program with the Nicolas Sauna Training Program.

    Looks like a fun workout btw, I'll have to give it a go.

  4. Let me know how your thighs feel the day after it. I think it could be improved by increasing the number of push ups slightly.