19 November, 2009

Training in the heat

I'm not sure exactly what the temperature was when I went out for some cross-fit yesterday evening. The overnight low was 30 degrees so I assume it was a few of degrees that since the sun was still out. I started straight after I cycled home from work so I'm going to include the bike ride as part of the work out. It certainly meant I was warmed up. Anyway, here's the workout:

13km bike ride (30mins)
3km run

5 reps of
10x pull-ups (I swapped between normal and jump-to-bar depending on the other people who wanted to use the bars)
10x burpee push-ups
10x sit-ups
20x walking lunge (10 per leg)

3km run.

1 comment:

  1. I bet you were so sweaty that your were almost smelling like a Frenchman... Yak, disgusting!