21 August, 2009

Artistic cycling

I came across this video on the excellent bikesnobnyc blog. It's too impressive not to share.


  1. Haven't you learned your lesson? Don't give these girls too many compliments or they will turn in to showy big headed frenchmen like me. uhhuhuhu!

  2. Impressive, indeed. They would be pretty good in slacklining as well, i guess...not too sure if they would pass the swiss Slackline Diploma though.

  3. Impressive, and scary! Will be scared to loose my "family jewels" (just translated from French...) Is it a female sport only? Or maybe everybody becomes a woman after practicing too much this activity...

    Sorry, I am tired...

  4. Romaric, if you don't want to lose things, don't leave them lying about. Didn't your mother ever tell you that? (Family jewels works the same in English.)

    You're right though, it looks like a risky sport. You probably have to be both female and as strong as a Frenchman.