03 August, 2009


First day of work today, at my new job in a new city and new country. There is a wildlife reserve attached to the campus here. I went for a walk after lunch and saw kangaroos. It adds some novelty to any job when you can do that!

The bike ride between work and C & N's place, where I'm staying or the moment, isn't too bad. I haven't measured how long it is yet; or timed how long it takes me. It's probably not the most direct route between there and the campus but is keeps me off main roads (3+3 lanes of traffic at 80km/hr) as much as possible. There's no real change in altitude between the start and finish but the road is undulating for most of the way going up and down enough to make me realise how unfit I've become in the last month or two. I don't know if there are any hills about where I can do some stair sprints but I need to start doing some sort of exercise. I'm planning to try a find a place to live closer to town --- about 13km from campus. At least cycling that every day should give me some exercise.

Oh, and Australian drivers seem nuts. Why are they all in such a hurry?


  1. I think crazy drivers are one of the main characteristics of large&busy cities... Palmy was a bit out of that, especially the busy part! ;o)

  2. These ones really are nuts though. One guy just about flipped his car this morning when he drove over the edge of a round-about without slowing down. There wasn't any other traffic about --- he just thought he was a racing car driver or something.

    Don't let the people in PN know you think that their city is small ;)

  3. Kangaroos on campus! That sounds fun. Take a photo, Dion!

  4. I thought Australians all got around by riding in their kangaroo's pouch?

  5. Most Australians own both. They use the Kangaroo for shorter trips when they don't have much to carry and the car for things like shopping or long journeys. The guy I saw going over the round-about probably thought he was in his Kangaroo instead of his car. I must happen often.